Exposures & Cash Flows  

Enable sound decision-making

Exposures & Cash Flows gives you a clear overview of all cash flows of your subsidiaries around the world: past, present and projected. Accurate forecasting allows you to make the right decisions in line with your company’s financial and risk policies.

Complex cash flows - one clear overview

As a treasurer in an international company you need to know all present and future assets and liabilities. Exposures & Cash Flows links into your systems and provides a daily calculation of all positions and cash flows. The forecasting tool allows you to determine future cash flows and currency exposures and to make appropriate hedging decisions. Sound decision-making requires clear intelligence.


Exposures & Cash Flows collects all relevant information enabling you to manage future cash flows and currency exposures.

  • A clear overview of the global treasury landscape
  • Save specialist staff a lot of time
  • Enforce corporate risk policies
  • Directly execute deals with your subsidiaries